How do I access Blackboard Collaborate Ultra? (With links to other Blackboard Tutorials)

Browse to and click on the Login button. Enter your University username and password.

On the right-hand side click Course. A list of your course will be display on the right.

Blackboard Course List

Locate the “Sandbox” course by searching for DL-GMOORE-TEST and click on it. This course was created so that you can explore and test Blackboard Collaborate Ultra without disrupting your own courses.

Once inside the course click on Course Tools, found on the left-hand menu and then click on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

To create a session, click on Create Session. Under Event Details, you can start the session immediately or set the session to start at a later time.

Session Details

Under Session Settings, you can set permission for participants to be able to share their audio and video. If you want a student to be able to share their audio, video, and screen, you can change their role to Presenter in the attendees tab during the session.

Session Settings

Click Save when you are finished adjusting the settings of the session.

To join a session, click on the Session Options icon (circle with three dots) on the right-hand side and select Join Session from the menu.

Join a Session

Before you start your session, please make sure to record the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Class Session. All online classes must be recorded. To record the session, click on the sessions tab on the top left-hand side menu and click Start Recording. You will see a “Recording Session” notification and the camera in the top left-hand side will have a red dot, noting recording.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session

Once the class session has completed, to stop recording the session, click on the sessions tab and click on Stop Recording. To leave the session, click on the sessions tab and click Leave Session at the bottom left hand side of the window.

More Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Tutorial Videos

For an online user guide, see Blackboard Collaborate’s online help guide

The Academic Technology department is available to provide support or help you run a test session. You can email us at

Additional training is available through The Center for Teaching Excellence. More details can be found on their website.

Updated on 31 July 2020

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